The Fastest Web Browser - Coming Summer 2012

Sparkbrowser Features

Sparkbrowser is the latest web browser on the market for 2013 and although it is premium, it comes with some amazing features you can share with anyone. Spark is our proprietary layout engine for websites that you can create, and sharew with your friends to use.

Make Sparks and sell them to your friends, show them to your friends and family, create a website with them, or share them on facebook adn twitter to amaze your friends.

Your friends will not be able to edit the spark because only users who have sparkbrowser can edit a spark.

If you are freinds withanother sparkbrowser user you can share sparks wioth each other and edit them how you please

All sparkbrowser users can uplaod thei spark to the spark gallery on our website for other users to download

Don't want to add every news site to your spark yourself? To reduce the time it would take you to make one from scratch, search 'news' in sparkbrowser spark gallery and download a news spark preloaded with all of the news sites

Sparks that are visited by non sparkbrowser users show the sparkbrowser branding and logos

Our Latest News

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  • Sparkbrowser Featured on and CBS

    Sparkbrowser has been making headlines lately on and CBS online. Articles detailing the features of the browser, its capabilities and benchmarks were included. Sparkbrowser has been featured in websites like Yahoo Finance, CBS,, and The Wall Street Journal Online.

  • App Store to have 10,000 apps by spring

    The Sparkbrowser App Store, to compete with Google, Apple, and Mozilla, our app store features streamlined apps, and themes that can be downloaded with the click of a mouse, credit card not required.

  • Sparkbrowser LE

    Sparkbrowser Limited Edition ™ is only available to the first 10,000 members to download the browser. This edition features a multitude of free services, and a portion of the app store only available to Limited Edition clients.

  • Share Your Spark ™

    Want to share your favorite sites with your friends? send them your Spark ™ and they can use your customized browser homescreen on any browser! Or publish your Spark ™ to our public gallery for other users to download and use. our Spark Gallery ™ is a great resource to test out the homescreen before buying the full browser.

About us

Our privately held company is based in Cambridge MA, the technology capital of the world. Our brand has a history of excellence, and our product is the first of its kind. Our competitors are Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla. Welcome to Sparkbrowser™

  • Fast and Secure
  • Modern and Creative
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  • Sparkbrowser is one of the most innovative products in technology, a complete game changer in the browser market. With billions of internet users, and only 5 major web browsers, Sparkbrowser is at the leading edge of brwser technology. A premium browser has been a much anticipated innovation.

  • Sparkbrowser is the most anticipated browser, with great reception in southeast asian markets, Sparkbrowser will also appeal to american markets with premium services and modern style. With Google, Apple, Microsoft and Mozilla as competition, gaining marketshare is a great challenge. But to us challenge is an open invitation.

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